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At Pyes Pa Pet Lodge it really is a dog’s world.

If they can’t be home with you, then here with us is a doggone good alternative. Our lodge offers bigger than standard runs, lots of toys, and staff who are passionate and caring with a soft spot for dogs.

At our lodge, your dog will be matched with suitable play mates. Our facilities are clean and tidy and provide for dogs of all sizes, ages and levels of activity.

Trial Day - caring in sharing

If your Dog hasn't stayed with us before - they will need to do a $15 compatibility trial day with us to ensure your pet has the love for our facility and staff too. PPPL can be highly stimulating and some pets have separation anxiety that makes it no fun for anyone - please book using the form below, emailing or calling as soon as you know you would like your pet to lodge with us!    


BOARDING - Our Daily Rates for dogs Boarding are as follows:

Small dogs (3 to 14 kg)                
Medium dogs (14 to 25kg)
Large Dogs (25 to 40kg)
Giant (over 40kg)

We offer 10% Discount for two or more family dogs sharing a unit (discount is from 2nd dog onward).
We offer a 10% Discount for stays longer than 4 weeks.
Only one of the above discounts can apply at any one time.

Daily Rate is applied to every day that your dog is in, even if this is less than 24 hours.
Half Daily Rate will be charged for Afternoon check-in, or for Morning check-out.

DAYCARE - Our Daycare Rates are as follows:

Small dogs$20
Large dogs$25

Non-De-Sexed Dogs incur a $10 per day surcharge
SOLO dogs incur a $10 per day surcharge
Our Public Holiday surcharge is $5 per dog.
Additional Surcharges may apply.
For detailed Pricing and Surcharge information, click link below to download our detailed price list.

Please note:

  1. Dogs must have a current Parvo and Kennel Cough vaccination. We will need to see your dogs vaccination booklet
  2. Please always report to the office before checking your dogs in or out. It may be best to leave them in the vehicle whilst checking in.
  3. We supply bedding and food. However, you are welcome to bring your own bedding/food/treats/toys. Our furry friends often like having something familiar from home.
  4. When holidaying with us the menu is chicken-based dog roll, sourced from a local butchery, and rich in natural ingredients. Black Hawk premium food is also on the menu for those preferring to dine on dry food.
  5. Please ensure Dogs arrive on a lead with a close-fitted collar that they cannot slip out of. Your dog should remain on lead at all times when outside your vehicle.
  6. We are happy to administer medication if required for an additional $1 per application. If you bring medication, please have this clearly labelled and hand them to the person in the office when you check in, with detailed instructions.
  7. We only accept puppies older than 6 months.
  8. An extra charge may apply to dogs that need extra attention. Please alert us if you feel your dog falls into this category.
  9. Should we need to take your pet to the vet, there will be a $45 minimum charge - we will attempt to first contact you for approval
  10. If you collect your dog a day or two earlier than planned, we may still need to charge you for the full booking period, especially during peak seasons.
  11. We cannot accept dogs that are on heat, or if likely to come on heat during their stay.
  12. We do not currently offer a dog-grooming or walking service


We would just like to express our thanks at the fantastic welcome you gave to us and Rikki when we booked her in for a "holiday" at your Resort. I cannot speak highly enough, or thank you enough, for agreeing to give our girl "a go" knowing that she had confidence issues. We both couldn't believe how happy and well adjusted, and in actual fact, possibly even better behaved, she was when we collected her. Your facilities are incredibly beautiful, from your lovely manicured garden area to the absolutely spotlessly clean kennels and exercise areas. The fact that your prices were not the most expensive was really just icing on the cake to us. We will definitely be seeing more of you, not only when we stay with our son in Tauranga, but also when we decide to go through Tauranga to another holiday destination. We'll drop our little lady off to you on the way – Ian and Lorraine